Yenery & Cameron November 3, 2016 Clover Success Story: Yenery & Cameron

I was bored one day looking through the guys that have liked me and Cameron was on the top of the list and I saw his pictures and thought he was really cute. He messages me the second he saw that we became a match. We hit it off right away and got each other's phone numbers. We had so much common despite our work schedules we were able to make time for one another. Once we got each other numbers we decided FaceTime before we went on our first date (to make it less awkward his words lol). He was able to drive the distance of 45 minutes to pick me up at work and take me out to eat for our first date. It wasn't awkward at all since we had FaceTimed a few time before. Couple dates later he decided to introduce me to his family before asking me officially to be his gf. Now we are 3 months in.